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Live Dates

Tuesday, February 8, 8:30pm
Rodeo Bar
375 3rd Avenue

Friday, March 11, 9pm
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen Street
New York, NY



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All Hands & The Cook (1998)



All Hands and the Cook (1998)


Soon to appear on this page: song samples for all songs from this record. For now, go to iTunes to listen to samples.

1. Deny the Sun
2. Tiny Violin
Free Download
3. Absence of Passion
4. New Orleans
Free Download
5. You Don't Know Yourself
6. Unsuspecting Girl
7. If That Ain't Why
8. Count the Moments
9. Weight of Your Words
10. You Got My Number
11. Behind the Wheel


1. Deny the Sun (Philbrook)

You should have been an actor, you play the fool so well
You dreamed about the Plaza from a bed in a cheap motel
Then she ran into you like a day runs into the night
And filled your darkest corners with an unexpected light

You can’t fight love or deny the sun

You don’t need special glasses to see that you were blind
Searching for someone not even close to the right kind
Because it’s easy to find someone, harder to find the one
You must walk across the desert to appreciate the sun.

She’s a bright and burning star,
hold her right there where you are
And don’t forget to tell the other, you found another.

2. Tiny Violin (Philbrook)
Free Download

Here I am and you are crying again
So your family ties have a few loose ends
and you say that the world hasn’t been a friend
You blame everyone but the one you can’t see
They‘ve all played a part in your misery
Let me share with you my deepest sympathy

Can you hear my tiny violin?
I’m playing a song for you my friend
Do you like the melancholy sound of how much I care?

You’re moping around with your head to the ground
With your tattoo tears and your signature frown,
you’re starting to look like a circus clown.
Don’t get me wrong about feeling your pain
But you seem to enjoy getting caught in the rain,
I just can’t figure out what you hope to gain

Get close and you might hear, I’ll play it nice and slow
Words alone cannot compete with these tiny strings and this tiny bow

You say you tried, honestly but you lie,
all your money was spent on cheap alibis,
Why must happiness sting like the edge of a knife?
You blame everyone but the one you can’t see,
they‘ve all played a part in your misery,
Let me share with you my deepest sympathy.

3. Absence of Passion (Walker)

She's got time to lessen things that weigh upon your mind
She's got everything that you would not want to miss out on
She's got something that you'd call natural charm
That figures in everything you manage to feel for her inside
except the absence of passion. . . . the absence of passion.

She's that restless heart that tries to bend circumstance her way
You play that noble part and want to be perceived as doing people good

Time plays it's tricks on you, Don't worry what others say or do
You don't need her for their eyes. You don't use her to tantalize

Now you can't wear her like some shiny suit you buy to impress your friends
It will always be her, never you, that rates attention.

4. New Orleans (Walker)
Free Download

I wanted you from the moment that I first saw you that night
On Bourbon Street, in F&Ms, and in that morning light
To Kermit Ruffin's swinging band we headed to the floor
And I held you there at the Funky Butt for a moment nothing more

To me it seemed so obvious, I don't need to explain
I would give you any part of me that stirred you up the same

I felt your eyes in the Blacksmith as you told me things you liked
I couldn't help but wonder if it was you or just the night
When you touched me on the arm or smiled at some small remark
I pretended I couldn't see the ring on your finger in the dark

To me it seemed so obvious, it all seemed just too right
If it wasn't just New Orleans then please bury me tonight

I thought that I had met you maybe in some other life
Even though I don't believe a soul ascends after you die
After three drinks I was certain that the fates had played their hand
After four I thought I loved you, after five I could not stand
To me it seemed so obvious, even through these half-shut eyes
I would have spent the night with you if the timing had been right

5. You Don't Know Yourself (Resnick)

So you’re hanging out again
Wondering why you’re losing friends, they don’t come ‘round
Now there’s something catching up with you that you don’t recognize
Stop for once to think it through and maybe you will realize

You don’t even know the reason, you don’t know yourself

I was caught up in the glow
Guess I didn’t really know what I know now
But you never stopped to think of me, you took what you could use
Now your skewed reality has shown you what you had to lose

It’s getting hard to keep up this charade
Of who you are or thought you were
The choices that you made are taking their toll,
making you old before your time. . .
and mine

Now there’s something catching up with you that you don’t recognize
Stop for once to think it through and maybe you will realize

6. Unsuspecting Girl (Walker)

The bars and the chatter never served their purpose
The holes in the ceiling were always big enough for me to walk through
I'll try to forget
But I will always try and find someone else to hide under

I've never been a part of no storybook ending
Its probably getting late for me to come across one now
But I will take my chances
By staring into the eyes of all those pretty girls in subway cars

Just as I slip into the night, some impossible dream still burns brightly,
What have I learned, what have I gained, Where is the magic that remains?
Just as I tumble over the side, leaving a wake of love gone awry
Turn out the nightlite, before you can blink, the future passes on before your eyes.

I know they'll never try and make my life into a movie
No Oscar will be handed out for supporting role
I will cast no doubts
On where I stand inside the heart
Of some unsuspecting girl of humble origin.

7. If That Ain't Why (Walker)

When I come home too late and you're already there
I get a look that cuts so sharp, I know that I best beware
My heart's in the right place, But my excuse is for the birds

If that ain t why you're everything to me

It's about half past two and I can't fall asleep
Rolling round from side to side, impatience running deep
I look to you for comfort but you're lost in your dream world

Every little thing I do keeps driving you insane
Along with all my habits that just go against your grain
Sometimes when I look at you I see the wicked witch of the West
Other times I notice that you're a cut above the rest

When I lay down the law you don't pretend that I'm in control
You never let me think for a minute that you'll follow me wherever I go
With you there's no mistaking what you've got on your mind,

If that ain’t why you're everything to me, Tell me what is.

8. Count the Moments (Walker)

Half the night slips away
Without you in my arms
I toss and turn as the candle burns
Your precious love has not faded away

And if you think I'm only half a man
I wouldn't say that you were wrong
I won't pretend that I had a plan
I won't pretend to cry or moan

I'll only count the moments till I’m near you
I'll only count the moments till I feel you under my skin
Into my heart, as if all of my lonely nights had not been wasted without you

If I knew what to say
I would mull it over all night
I better just reel off and let it go
before you put up a fight

And if it only enters in one ear
And takes the express out of the other
It won't neutralize the fear
I will not cry or moan

Today's the day that I had everything to lose
The little hints you gave have forced me not to choose
Sob-story moping and miscalculated blues
My hand's not out to reach you, but my mind is still set on you

9. Weight of Your Words (Walker)

You waited - for the right moment I believe
And you related - to me this notion that you conceived
That you rely - on me, so I know that I should uphold
What I deny - If that's your hand then I would fold

If you insist that it is time for me, to carry the weight of your words

You started - to tell me that I should explain
Why I'm half-hearted - and think that something isn’t left to gain
From even trying - so when I say it will get you nowhere
I guess I'm lying - pretending I don't really care,

If you insist that it is time for me to carry the weight of your words

We don't know it, we don't see it
It's in the air and we just don't want to believe
That we are merely passing time like slowly sinking ships out on the sea

10. You Got My Number (Philbrook)

You got something of mine, that wasn’t easy to find
You discovered it in such a hurry and you only know half the story
It’s a lot like being a liar but my pants didn’t catch on fire
And my nose didn’t grow at all, Please tell me where I dropped the ball

Now that you’ve found it, can’t get around it, I hope we last past the end of summer
It’s no small feat to me, You got my number, You got my number, You got it now

I thought the way to begin was to give the truth a little spin,
So I failed to mention broken hearts and made up the exciting parts
You were smarter than that, you caught the tale by the cat,
I confess I’m no Romeo, but you must admit I put on a show

Now that you’ve found it, can’t get around it, I hope we last past the end of summer
It’s no small feat to me, You got my number, You got my number, You got it now

Is there a deep throat in the mix or some diabolical fix?
Are you working for the FBI or maybe the CIA?
Why don’t we cut a deal, I’ll tell you how I really feel
If you try and understand and let me kiss your upper hand

11. Behind the Wheel (Philbrook/Walker)

If I knew half as much as you, I would keep it on a shelf
Oh no I’m not myself
If I tried to keep it locked inside, I would lose it in a month
Oh no I’m not myself

How can we decide, which road to travel on this time
If we can’t see beyond the dashboard light?

If this goes on, If this goes on, will you remind me how this is supposed to be?
If this goes on, how would it feel, if I pulled over now and let you get behind the wheel?

If I said something to offend, you should give it up and let it go,
Now I’m glad I lost control.
That road will wind but I’ve been feeling fine, So turn up the radio
While I’m tearing up the map.


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